FriendFest 2008 | 11/23/08

FriendFest 2008 officially started Friday at 7:30pm when I picked up Tim from Reagan Airport. Despite snow flurries he arrived on time and we headed back to Georgetown for a fancy dinner. You might think having a companion might entice me to try somewhere new in Georgetown but we went to the old standby of Billy Martin's where we gorged ourselves on food and drink before heading back in the blistering cold to pet Chompy and play football (I lost every single game).

On Saturday "morning" I took time on a driving tour of the couple miles or so around my house and wound up being a little late for the poker game. Fortunately, although close, no one rioted and broke down my door. F-Chris' friend Will won and there are ample pictures on Facebook (link later). While picking up the mid-game food I was stopped by a woman sitting in a Charger with the grill replaced by large metal teeth. She said, "Can you put it in?" twice and, thinking she trying to solicit me for sex I kept walking. Finally she said, "The pizzas. Can I have them?" I said no and kept walking. I hope Obama cracks down on the people expecting handouts. After the poker game we layered up and drove to College Park to begin the frigid tailgate. There was a good number of FSU fans there (two shirtless) and it was an old-fashioned whomping of the Turtles. It was so cold that Tim and I apparently looked like bank robbers. They might not have money anymore but we could certainly rob them of their pride. Kathy and F-Chris gave us a ride back to DC where Tim and I had some beers and played football (I lost every single game).

On Sunday, Tim and I did some sight-seeing around the Mall and took the requisite pictures posing in front of various monuments. Around 2:30 we headed out to Mount Holly, PA for the handoff of Tim to P-Chris and Elena. It took me three hours to get there but we made it safely. We went to Five Guys for dinner and then hit The Gingerbread Man for a round of pints before going back to C&E's for a little Wii. Elena took us all to school in MarioKart. After lamenting both the economic state and the Florida State, I made the drive back to DC. It only took two hours, which baffles me because I was crawling down the hills of Pennsylvania. I guess Tim was weighing us down.

Happy FriendFest 2008. Now I need to restart the FriendFest2009 Part A counter. If you're my Facebook friend you can see all the pictures here.


T-Chris (Unknown)

FF2009A...I like the "A" part. 'Cause that means there's at least a "B" part, if not more.



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