FSU UF | 11/24/08

This Saturday is Rivalry Week in college football. Florida comes to Tallahassee in a game where the spread is a shocking 15 points. I love me some FSU but UF is going to absolutely crush us. Last year we couldn't tackle them and had no offense and lost to the Run N' Gun Up The Score offense of Urban Meyer. He might be classless but he knows "style points" = "winning by 100". Last year FSU lost 45-12 and while I think they'll fare better this year I'm not willing to even concede they'll cover the spread. I do think they'll be competitive the first half but by the 4th quarter all the Rhodes Scholars in the world won't be able to keep up with Percy Harvin. I predict the final score to be 45-28 UF over FSU. Oh well, at least Harvin will be gone next year and Tebow the year after that. The next game in Tallahassee I can almost guarantee an FSU win. For now though...ugly.

Last night I went out with the HGA to Lucky (Club/Bar?) There was salsa dancing (from CDs I might add [lame]) and a horde of Sex-In-The-City type girls there (doubly lame). I know I'm missing the point: to be seen. And that's what DC is all about: being seen dancing to taped salsa music. Might be time to start the Leaving DC counter. On the bright side, I finally learned how people "bet against" things in the stock market, a concept that had wholly eluded me until last night. Between the doom of talking with P-Chris, Elena, and Tim on Sunday and the gloom of the HGA, Costa Rica is looking like a good landing pad. Como andas?


P-Chris (Unknown)

I hope you did the Mariocart victory dance for Salsa night.

Mike (Unknown)

I did no dancing at all. I didn't want to embarrass anyone with my awesome victory moves.



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