Put a Ring On It | 11/25/08

One of my weirdest memories is driving back from church with my family sometime in 1997; right before I left for college. I don't remember the exact circumstances around the event but for some reason we were not listening to Olides, as we always did, but were instead listening to Tubthumbing by Chumbawamba. I remember my dad singing along in what I will delicately describe as clumsy and lumbering. I remembering thinking how out of place it seemed as he tapped along to non-existing beats on the wheel as he sang with the chorus.

Flash forward 11 years. Yesterday I was listening to NPR on my way back from Starbucks and they were discussing Beyonce's new single Single Ladies. Pathetically catchy, I was singing along with the chorus (If you like it, you should'a put a ring on it) while tapping along on the wheel. Although my tapping was deadly accurate my singing was clumsy and awkward enough to remind me of the cyclical nature of life.


T-Chris (Unknown)

You know one way to practice singing? Guitar Hero World Tour.

Just sayin'.

Mike (Unknown)

How funny, I just bought that like 10 minutes ago.



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