Thanksgiving Weekend | 11/30/08

I took this picture on Black Friday only because I thought the "for Women" was a waste of lettering. I didn't realize they had closed the Dress Barn: For Men. I got some Christmas shopping but avoided the big-ticket-item stores like Best Buy because I knew they would be infested with poor people stampeding for things that were marked down after being marked up. That's the problem with the poor--they don't even realize such things.

Thanksgiving was boring at best and here are some photos to document just exactly how boring it was. I got a lot of good score editing in so the weekend wasn't a total loss. On Friday night I met up with Rebecca's gang (plus Jack) in Ballston and we had some drinks and had an ol' fashioned throw-down for who was going to have a more insane bachelor/bachelorette party. I'm pretty confident Jack and I will take care of business but apparently Rebecca's cousin, and maid of honor, is a wildcard. Also, since 2/3 of my "team" has access to secret governmental information I would have to think that will put a lot of things off-limits.

On Saturday I watched FSU get destroyed by Florida (as expected). I think the vaunted FSU defense is now outdated in that it just can't stop the spread offense. And FSU's Chompy could catch more passes than any of the FSU receivers. Not so sure I would have called for a fake field goal if I had been calling the shots but why would you want points when you could have none AND potentially get the only person on the team who can score points hurt?

Saturday night I went out with We're-Not-Driving-To-Sterling group of Baylis, Marc, Annie, and...someone else to the Brickskeller for fancy beers. Things started to fall apart around 1am but Baylis and I held strong while everyone turned into pumpkins and went home.

Yeah buddy (that's for Ricky).


T-Chris (Unknown)

OK, first of all, it's called the "Dress Barn." Hello? Who wants to buy clothes from someplace that likens itself to a farm equipment and animal enclosure? No wonder why the men's side closed down. It's almost like the sign is saying, "Dress in the barn...woman!"

Mike (Unknown)

People still go to Radio Shack even though it's a shack and no one listens to the radio anymore.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Good point. In fact, I was just at RS yesterday afternoon. I do listen to the radio, though.

Mike (Unknown)

They're still in business? I was channeling 1988 when I wrote that.

The radio is the default setting for the iRoadTrip right?

KBS (Unknown)

Ok, I just feel the need to clear this up. "Dress Barn" has "regular" sizes, while "Dress Barn for Women" has plus sizes. I don't know who started calling big sizes "women", since technically we're all women, but there it is.



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