Suckfish | 02/24/04

Where did this picture come from? Typing in "suckfish" as a picture search on google. Teaching was a breeze today! I am so proud of myself for preparing such a great lesson. AND I'm proud of my students for helping each other. Ah, teamwork. None of my friends were in Bibliography today. That left me working with the weird European guy. He's in love with me. He kept on trying to talk to me to flatter me. The flattery worked of course, but only so far. I also got a 3/5 on my quiz. There's the Mike I know and love! I didn't fall asleep in class tonight and saw a nice presentation on salsa drumming. The grad student in my class actually did a nice job. I should have given him more credit. So far there's been no to reply to my six page dissertation-email. I hope I'll hear soon so I can finalize my plans for next year. (Finalize!? Start thinking, more likely). I really have nothing interesting to say today. Sorry. I also have no fun links.




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