Stupid Stuff | 12/01/08

Yesterday I was making rice to go with a fat swordfish steak. Even though I had done most of my dishes, the scissors were dirty so I decided that I'd easily be able to rip the boil-in-a-bag rice with a fork and brute strength. Sure enough, I tore the bag and hundreds of boiling-hot rice shrapnel shot across my body, mainly my arms leaving dozens of tiny, slightly-raised blisters. Awesome. On the bright side, it didn't take much convincing to persuade Chompy to clean up all the rice that was on the floor.

Ricky sent me the picture.

Only fifty days until Lost starts. My big Tv told me it was sad that college football season was ending and was afraid I might not watch anything until Lost. I reminded it that I just watched Always Sunny on it about a week but it shot back that it was the season finale. Don't worry big Tv, it'll be the end of January before you know it.


T-Chris (Unknown)

That's what you get for making boil-in-a-bag rice. Yuck. It's all about the rice cooker, man.

P-Chris (Unknown)

A few comments...
1) Damn that rice!!!
2) Good job Ricky=)
3) I'm starting to worry about you slightly. I mean I really love that big Tv of yours, but seriously, I think you need help.

Mike (Unknown)

I'll be ok. The saddest part of my day was seeing that a year ago today I won Pick 'Em. Alas.

Ricky (Unknown)

I'll start sending you a bunch of the silly ass images I get across my desk on a daily basis.

Today's (albeit a little creepy, it's still awesome):

Mike (Unknown)

Yes indeed that is both creepy and awesome.



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