Death of Renaissance | 12/03/08

Recently I've put on episodes of Seinfeld while I work out and yesterday, during an especially rigorous set, the topic on the TV turned to being 30 and how the friends you have by this point are the ones you have from here out. You're no longer accepting new applications. I can tell you from personal experience that this is largely true and while it's a little sad, by the time you're around 30 all of the "interesting" things have happened in your life and you simply don't have the opportunities to go with a bunch of things with new friends to get to that same level of comfort.

Looking at my particular friend set, one of the most interesting traits is that we're very Renaissance-y. I feel like within a 10 minute window we can discuss why a Cover 2 defense is as bad an idea at stopping the triple option as using deceptive cadences in succession in a pop song. Follow that up with some heated discussion over the financial ramifications of moving Bailout Money into the auto industry and some strategy about MarioKart and it's quite a group. The problem is that when I meet new people, which I do frequently now, I'm always surprised that they haven't heard that the Bills are out of the playoff race or that Hillary is going to be the next Secretary of State.

I don't really think of myself as a snob with snobby friends but if have a well-rounded life-education is snobby then so be it.


SC (Unknown)

I can't believe the Bills are going to miss the playoffs. They started out so well. Back to the Buffalo drawing board. Hillary who? :)

P-Chris (Unknown)

Who's Bill?

T-Chris (Unknown)

Damn triple option.

Tree (Unknown)

Check your gmail.



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