Last Weekend | 12/07/08

Well, college football season is now essentially over. Not only did FSU play poorly most of the season but Florida is going to the National Championship game AND I lost in Pick 'Em. On one hand I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling out of 15th place six weeks into the season to finish in second but on the other hand, I was looking for the three-peat. Hopefully my pattern is 2-1-1 so I'll win the next two years when we move to P-Chris' College Pick 'Em next season. At least I beat Steve (by a whopping two points) and everyone else that I know in person. Rumor has it that next year there'll be a trophy of some sort.

Baylis came over to watch a day's worth of football with me on Saturday and, for not being die-hard, she took it like a champ. The way I see it, I get 15 days a year where I get exactly what I want: the 15 weeks of college football. I don't really count the bowl games since someone else is usually in charge of those. Now my 15 weeks are over and I have to wait another ten months for any sense of enjoyment. Alas.


SC (Unknown)

Let me note that my 3rd place finish was not the result of cheating.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, it was a result of bad picks.

Ok, I'm done.



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