Guitar Recital | 12/08/08

Yesterday was a guitar-packed day. I had a lesson in the morning which went pretty well. I got a new piece last week so now it's in the grueling period between "yay, it's new" and "yay, I can play it well". After my lesson I went to the mall off Democracy and bought a bunch of Christmas presents. On my way back I learned the site I've been working on was all up in the mainstream media. Awesome.

I left for Annie's guitar recital at 6:30 so I had a good 90 minutes to get lost and not be late. Around 7:30 I called Brian to tell him I was lost and by his old high school. He straightened me out and, after parking about a trillion miles away, I made it with about 5 minutes to spare. It's too bad not all concerts couldn't be like this recital: you play the theme of the song (sometimes twice) and you're done. That would make Brahms a lot more bearable. After the compelling performance of Shenandoah, Rebecca drove me around to look for my car and then we met up with Annie at some bar in Crystal City that had a million Tvs. Rebecca peaced out because of this thing called "work" but Annie and I hung out there until they started blinking the lights around midnight. Miraculously, I did not get lost on my way home.


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