Tap That Phone | 12/09/08

Yesterday Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested for a bunch of stuff, none too pleasant. I'm originally from Illinois but now I'm done announcing that. Now I'm from Florida and my parents and brother live in Illinois. Rod Blagojevich was busted because the FBI wire tapped him. In a shocking release of classified information, they've also made public the wire taps they've done on me since moving to Washington.

MC: Yo dude.
BU: Yo.
MC: What's up?
BU: Are you lost?
MC: Yeah.

MC: Ahoy hoy
SC: Ahoy hoy
MC: I just got back from going out with some girl.
SC: And?
MC: And nothing.
SC: I don't know what's wrong with you.

MC: Yo dude.
KBS: Yo dude.
MC: So I went out with this girl.
KBS: And?
MC: And nothing.
KBS: I don't know what's wrong with her.

MC: Yo dude.
TB: Hey man.
MC: You want to rumble?
TB: Yeap.

MC: Yo dude.
CE: Yo dude.
MC: So I went out with girl and I hate her and want to bitch.
CE: Bitch away. Did you see how close the Cubs are to signing Peavy?
MC: Yeah! We're going to win it all this year.
CE: World Series, baby!

MC: Yo dude.
EM: Hey.
MC: What's the plan?
EM: We're going to Elite Room tonight; 9pm.
MC: I don't even know where that is.
EM: You can only find it if you're not looking for it.
MC: Does that saying that to me ever get old?
EM: No and try to dress like a grown-up.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Shockingly accurate. Well, I guess not-so-shockingly.

T-Chris (Unknown)

In case you (or anyone else) are interested:

Mike (Unknown)

I was at the bank today and one guy asked another if the two envelopes full of $1 bills were Christmas presents and the second guy said they were actually to get a senate seat.

BU (Unknown)

Is the new background your kitchen floor? Are you going to add some crumbs to it every day?

KBS (Unknown)

You misquoted me! I would say exactly the same thing as Steve. What's wrong with YOU.

SC (Unknown)

Woot, woot. Thanks for backing me Kathy. Why did you change the background?

Tree (Unknown)

Cubs ain't gettin Peavy, talks broke down Thursday. No World Series for YOU, Cubs fans! Besides, with the Tribune Company declaring bankruptcy protection, turns out the player's salaries are going to be their bills.



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