Steak Night | 12/10/08

Brian and I tried our best to have steak night in Reston but alas, the restaurant (The Buckeye Steakhouse) was a figment of Google Maps' imagination. Because Brian is the last person on earth to not have a cell phone (Christmas is coming!) it was only his keen eye spotting me driving in loops around the Safeway parking lot that got us together. In lieu of steaks we settled upon a wing place where we did regular guy things--fart in each others faces, discuss alternator problems, and offer bedroom tips using the most graphic language possible. After dinner we played some MarioKart with (T-)Chris. He (Chris) is now awesome and won just about every race. Next time hopefully we can start earlier and then he and Elena can battle it out. Second place in College Pick 'Em and second place in MarioKart. What has become of my life?

The weather here has been really schizophrenic with days like today (see graphic) alternating between days in the upper 50s and sun. On the bright side, it should be a good weekend complete with tater tots, shopping, and poker. That's like the trifecta of non-football goodness.

I'm slowly doing my bi-annual update of this site. You'll notice the pictures are now full-sized and not just the upper-left hand corner. I also added a nice background that apparently looks like vinyl kitchen tile but whatever.


Tree (Unknown)

I don't have a cell phone either, and I damn nears aim to keep it that way! I don't want any part of cell phone plans, "minutes", upgrades, battery charging, the thing exploding, etc. Love the Windows 95 tile graphics.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I think the vinyl is a good idea, in case Chompy has an accident it'll be easy to clean up.



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