December 12 of 12 | 12/12/08

9:00am: Good morning pupple!

10:15am: Filing down the old nails before my guitar lesson (didn't help).

12:40pm: In NW it says "Steel Plates Ahead. In NE it says "Steal Plates Ahead."

1:15pm: Simul-pic with Kathy and tater tots at Quigly's Pharmacy in Foggy Bottom.

2:15pm: I got a 9/10 on the listening exam. Stupid John Cage. I'd also be remiss to not mention Kathy Rick-Rolled me.

4pm: Getting the mail. It's a package for me! And bills.

5:30pm: Chompy waiting for dinner.

8:00pm: That is ALL my clothes. Everything except for two shirts, everything is dirty because my laundry room has been blocked off by construction for a few months.

10:00pm: I went down to the Potomac to look at the big moon. Too bad it was so overcast. I had to take this when I got home.

10:45pm: Celebrating my lone victory over Chris with Georgia Tech.

12:30am: Trying to get through all nine seasons of Seinfeld before going back to Chicago.

2:00am: There is nothing better than late-night diner food. Period.


Tree (Unknown)

Ouch, these 12 of 12 posts are hard on my modem. Dude, you're eating bacon, eggs and hashbrowns at 2am??? How in the hell can you sleep on that?? Are you fucking crazy??

Mike (Unknown)

Easy, I just lay down and go to bed. Narcolepsy, baby.



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