New Blog! | 12/15/08

Hello, welcome to the finished product of my yearly blog update. I've cleaned it up a lot as I've become a better programmer in the past few years. This is the year of javascript--AJAX can do things almost in real-time and until recently I've been at the mercy of Brian or Ricky for help. One of the new features of this new version is that the look can change--for example you can make Chompy look cuter or even more cuter in the corner with these: More Cute and Even More Cute.


SC (Unknown)

Damn, Chompy is cute.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Dude that was so wrong. So very very wrong. i just lost an hour of my day.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Is it wrong that I love that song? C'mon...who's with me??

Mike (Unknown)

hahaha, Rick Roll'd!

Tree (Unknown)

Hello, new blog. Say hello to my old blog of mine that keeps spewing absurd rhetoric that's treated more like an English writing assignment gone terribly wrong. I notice some Chomblog traffic ends up on my blog. Unlike Mike, I leave the coding and javascripting to the programmers :D

KBS (Unknown)

love it.

Elena (Unknown)

I think Rick Astley was one of my first crushes! Still love that song!

Elena (Unknown)

I was there to play Wii at 8:00 (as Chompy said we were by the cute little dialogue bubble). I feel duped.

Jaood (Unknown)

Ack, I knew those links were fake as there is no way Chompy can get cuter.

Those links so nasty, what if I were at work, neh?? Impossible to quickly close out of the window that blares loud music and spinning dog heads!



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