Post Rick Roll | 12/17/08

Well, on the whole the Rick Rolling was a success. Rebecca was the only casualty as she was on the phone with a customer when the RR took place. The key of a good internet Rick Roll is writing an entry so short and so boring that people will immediately see the links and click on them rather than reading the entry. I knew I'd had both computers and College Pick 'Em that met the criteria but figured computers would really incite some clicks.

I'm leaving for Chicago on Saturday and Steve and I have tickets to the Bears/Packers game on Monday Night Football. I don't really watch much pro-football and couldn't name more than three players on each team but I feel like seeing a game with -20 windchill, at night, in Chicago, in the worst seats in the stadium is a rite of passage and once it's done I can go back to watching college football in warm climates.


Tree (Unknown)

I've gone to Bears games in December where it was below zero. All I have to say is "it's one of the stupidest things in the world to do". Even tho I had like 12 layers of clothes on, by the 3rd quarter I was frozen solid. Never again. You better wear at least 3 pairs of jeans & at last 8 shirts / sweatshirts.

Tree (Unknown)

check your gmail

Rebecca (Unknown)

If only I'd had actual speakers and not just head phones hooked up for the sound - you could have Rick Rolled the customer too (and my whole team) :)



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