I've Got Sunshine: The Temptations Movie | 02/23/04

I totally almost fell asleep in Atonal today. I don't know why I was so tired--I had already been up for two hours so I thought the sleepies would have dissipated but they didn't. I met with Dr. Clendinning and she pointed out a TON of mistakes. Boo. After class I took a nap while watching The Temptations movie. I had crazy temptations dreams! I can't remember any of them, though. I then cleaned my kitchen. For dinner, I made some chicken dumpling soup and it's pretty damn good.

Tomorrow I am going to submit my plan for the takeover of the steel drum ensemble in detail. I figure I've bided my time long enough and I might as well just show all my cards. I laid out a proposal to set up a small endowment. Usually the initial investment of the endowment is $1m+ but we don't need to pay a professor salary. We only need it to produce $3k a year to buy essentials. With this budget, we can buy a new drum every year and by the time they all get replaced the first one will be ready to go too. Granted this may take some time but if we can get $35,000 together, then we can start to relax. There are a couple grants here in Tallahassee and I'm confident that we can get at least a few of them. Even if it takes 5 years to get the funds together at least then no one will ever have to worry about the Mas budget again.




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