2009 Catch-Up | 01/04/09

Hard to believe I'm already behind in the ol' blogging despite only being four days into the new year. I keep a file of what I think are good blog ideas and I came across that file a few days ago. First off, here's a horrible craigslist ad that is likely not safe for work. I love the imitation crab meat part.

I came across today's picture as the antithesis to the one where I'm attempting to bite of Booty's head. This one never gets any publicity; probably because it shows my softer side.

I don't really have any good New Years Resolutions except to stop using heroin and absinthe to spur creativity and I'm pleased to report that four days into the new year I've done a fantastic job of not breaking it.

I was also informed that in my last entry the audio files either did not display or did not work. Sorry, I did the best I could. These internetwebs are tough to master.


KBS (Unknown)

Awww, kitten Booty. You look a little like Steve in that picture.

SC (Unknown)

So I'm not supposed to get you true absinthe when I come back from Eastern Europe? I don't even know why I'm going anymore then.

BU (Unknown)

That was the most uncomfortable couch in the history of couches.

Mike (Unknown)

That's part of the "middle class hobo" look I've apparently had since then. If only Booty still liked me.

You can still get me absinthe although you can buy it here now. I'll just drink it recreationally and not to induce brilliance.

At least your couch didn't have AIDS.

KBS (Unknown)

Wow, that Craigslist ad....is that for real? Don't break, they are my sons.

Jamie (Unknown)

Haha...AIDS couch



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