Sucky-CSNY | 01/05/09

I have a busy month ahead of me--one wrought with travel, events, and music (plus a concert of sorts). More importantly, dear friends, is this month we need to pick a new night for MarioKart where we can all play. As far as my vote goes I'd rather play on a weeknight than a weekend night. Steve got the game for Christmas so he'll be playing too.

Kathy and I became friends with Angela on FB yesterday. Angela! Man, those were the days. I think everyone has their "flashback" period where their life was firing on all cylinders and that was totally 2001 - 2002. Ah, Florida when the living was easy and the cotton was high.

I've noticed that AIM has confused some of its sounds--it sometimes plays the "you got a message" sound when someone signs on our off. I hate the false excitement it gives me when Amy signs off.

I bought a Netbook from Dell and I don't understand why it takes a week to "assemble" something that you can't customize. You don't just have them sitting around?


SC (Unknown)

I have night class Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday so MK isn't good for me then, at least not until like 10 pm eastern.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Tuesday nights work for me.



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