Snuff Films | 01/06/09

If I were on a reality TV show, and had cameras on me at all times, I know what 2-second clip they'd use for the commercial. It would be me, in a full Starbucks, saying, "Well, I guess I should get home and do something with all my snuff films." Although it was a perfectly sensible reply to the barrista (not the one that asked me out), I can see how other people, hearing only that line, might have looked at me a little bit funny. Man, I used a year's worth of commas in that.

Since I leave on Friday I made a little game for you to play in my absence. The beta testing went well and you should know the anti-prize will be an old fashioned Rick Rolling so stay on your guard.

I finished assembling the music for Sucky Crosby Stills Nash & Young night. There are some winners. There are some non-winners too. I guess I should add that night to my counter. I also should probably stop writing exactly what I'm thinking.


BU (Unknown)

Your blog talks around all the big questions. What is CSNY night? Where are you traveling?



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