Are You Smarter? | 01/07/09

As promised, I've created a fun little game based on a popular TV show that I've watched all of once. The idea came about while thinking "What if I died? What information, conveniently stored in my brain, would have been be recompiled?" So to get a sense of just what information that is I made the game. I also wrote it all in such a way that if you'd like to make a version for yourself all you have to send me some questions and I can just plug them in. Just so there's no surprises, if you get a question wrong, you will be Rick Rolled so be careful.

With no further ado Are You Smarter Than...Me? Once you click on a question, don't click anything else until it loads in the black part--there's no going back. Also, once you click an anwer, that's it--there's no submit button so choose carefully.



BU (Unknown)

Is it still RickRolling if you announce it?

SC (Unknown)

*Looking into camera* I am not smarter than Mike.

Tim (Unknown)

Umm, I think your question regarding NCAA football was a trick quest, because the play I use to stop it wasn't on there.
Regardless of that one question, I am man enough to admit that I am NOT smarter than Mike Catania.

Mike (Unknown)

It's not a trick question--which of the four listed would be the best? I didn't have enough time to type out all the details of yours. My answer works in real life too, not just in our game.

Jaood (Unknown)

Who DOESN'T know what the leaf does?

Only question I actually knew.

Sam (Unknown)

I am not gonna click on that... I'm gonna get Chompy Rolled again, i know it!

Do you have an rss feed for my reader?



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