UF Sucks | 01/08/09

Another season, another UF victory. There was no doubt that Florida was going to beat Oklahoma but the Sooners were more competitive than I expected--I had told anyone who would listen that Florida would win by 30. I watched the game with Marc, Annie, and Aashish somewhere in Apartmentbuilingsville, VA. After the crushing loss we ate kabobs at a place appropriately named Kabob Palace. If you're looking for it, it's two buildings over from the other restaurant named Kabob Palace.

A couple people scored 50/100's in yesterday's game, which had the Rick Rolling removed after it apparently deemed too annoying. Come on. Because I'm apparently the worst calendar-user ever I thought I would be leaving today (Friday) but no, I'm in fact leaving tomorrow instead. It's like I was just bestowed an extra day of living. Now the question is--how should I best use it?


Tree (Unknown)

I'm a little concerned by the lack of posts on here lately. Maybe you should hire a staff to do your blog duties ;) Tho I realize it must be a royal pain in the ass to come up with a graphic every single entry.

matt (Unknown)

Who are you guys? you are hilarious whoever writes this blog. contact me: mmanahan@bookfcaleb.com

Tree (Unknown)

This site hilarious???? Matt, what in the hell have you been smoking?! You reek of the obscene stench of rotten spam anyway.



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