The Insanity Continues | 01/18/09

For the 99.9% of you that don't live in DC let me give a little snapshot of what's going on right now. TOTAL INSANITY. It took me 45 minutes just to get to Starbucks this morning--a Starbucks that, when you Google Map it, will say, "Oh come just walk there". The tens of thousands of police offers have shut down any major road leaving tourists to navigate the ultra-narrow side streets, causing serious delays as two people from Kansas meet each other and debate who should go first instead of just closing their eyes and hitting the gas like we do. For the record, I mean "we" as an city-drivers not "we" as in DC residents since I have yet to be stuck behind anyone with New York plates. Downtown has been closed for the past couple days but I was hoping that the greater Georgetown neighborhood would be spared until the actual day of the inauguration. Wrong! Glover Park is fine but you can't really leave since (as pictured) you can't get out to the north towards Spring Valley nor to the south to Georgetown proper as Wisconsin is blocked off.

Exciting times.


Tree (Unknown)

Well I haven't & won't be watching any news for a while once this farce of an inauguration goes on. Stupid dumbass town you live in. Another reason why I don't want Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics, it's a waste of time, money and is a total farce and sham. Keep that shit out of my backyard.

Jaood (Unknown)

I'm not driving or metroing into work at all tomorrow, I'm sleeping at the office. Yes, it's far easier to just live and work in the same place away from home than it is to deal with dc traffic this week.

KBS (Unknown)

At least it's all for a good reason. Can't wait to hear your stories about the inauguration itself!

Tim (Unknown)

I watched the inauguration on TV and I couldn't believe that they didn't have you as a guest speaker. The audacity of hope, my arse.

No one, and I mean NO ONE can inspire like THE Catania.

Power to the people.

SC (Unknown)

What is this "THE" part in Tim's comment? I am offended. Terribly, terribly offended.

Tree (Unknown)

Actually, I think Iron Frank Catania would seriously kick all of our asses & inspire us.



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