Obama's Inauguration | 01/20/09

I got to experience a piece of history by going to Obama's inauguration. It was safer and required less training than fighting in a war so I figured this was the easiest way to see what was ultimately going to end up in a history book. Marc and Annie came over on Monday night since all the bridges were closed on Tuesday and from what I hear the Metro looked like China during rush hour. Pictured is my exact view for the ceremony. If you don't want to read today's rant about the inauguration you can skip here.

We left at 7am and drove to my secret haven for parking places in Georgetown then walked the rest of the way through Foggy Bottom down to the Mall. After a $3 coffee from a vendor to warm up we marched our way through the growing crowd and ultimately settled on a place just west of 4th street. Particularly amazing was the amount of people who wanted to keep moving once the huge block had formed. You couldn't see anyway, so would being an extra 20 feet closer really make your heart cry out "Obama!" even lounder? Apparently. In order of loudest cheers: Barack, Oprah, P. Diddy, Malia & Sasha, Beyonce, Michelle, Joe Biden, the Clintons. Shows the priorities of our country rather well.

Of course Obama is a great orator and it didn't really matter what he said. He could have said he was going to send all our troops to Europe to take over Eurodisney and people would have cheered. It's absolutely astonishing how drool-and-clap this man makes people. If *I* could have said one thing to him on what *I* want it would be this: "Please stay out of my way." I'm a liberal as the next liberal, but seeing so many people swaying and nodding to each and every federal program made me a little sick. If I were president here's what I'd say: "Suck it the f*ck up! No one wants to do everything they're supposed to do but suck it the f*ck up and do it. You're no more important that anyone else and we have every opportunity in America to do anything we want so if you're not where you want to be stop finding excuses for it, suck it the f*ck up, and do it." That's probably why I'd never be elected president.

Ranting over, we left around 1pm in a mob of people that left so much trash behind on the grounds of the mall (and painfully thousands of American flags--people obviously not listening to the "personal responsibility" part of the speech) the grit that was flying through the air was so disgusting that people were willing to move their scarves over their eyes. It was absolutely and completely disgusting. We walked back and made pretty good time before stopping for a bite to each. By 4pm I was playing with the dogs and Marc and Annie were safely back in VA for extended festivities.

Suck it the f*ck up America!


KBS (Unknown)

Did you have to go through a security checkpoint?

Mike (Unknown)

Nope, we just waltzed right in. There were so many police/national guardsmen/sharpshooters, that I think that had you even pulled a gun you would have been shot at least 100 times before getting your shot off.

Tree (Unknown)

I find it hilarious that Obama said "America needs to change its ways" and that the actual "change" he spoke off, was not the Gov't changing, but the American people themselves are the problem. If he exposed that in his campaign he would have never gotten elected. Like America likes having some preachy bloated rich well-off politician; of all people; telling people what to do. Americans are self, wasteful, lazy, litterbugs who like it easy and I highly doubt some talking head in the Oval Office is going to motivate these people. The first thing Obama would tell Mike, is "you should stop spending $40 a day at Starbucks and make your own coffee at home, and spend the money you're saving on my Socialistic programs instead!" And btw, Obama's wife looks like an ugly NFL player. Woof!

Tree (Unknown)

And I meant "selfish", not self. And he's already a hypocrite: that inauguration party cost $150 million. Already a huge waste of money for some party. Harry Truman must be rolling in his grave. There is no way he would have ever tolerated such egocentric blasphemy waste.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Wow...bitter much?

Tree (Unknown)

Yup. Obama is not my President, I didn't vote for him, he does not represent me or my values, or my state of Illinois. This had to be the most biased election I have ever seen in my life, and they're basically crowned the guy as the next messiah. STOP THE WASTE!! And I live by that policy: no waste, no clutter, no luxuries.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Ever stop to think that perhaps you're bitter because the "waste" you so vehemently denounce was caused by previous politicians? I'm not naming names here, but you can see why many are very excited to have a new face in the Oval Office. In the shadow of economic chaos and international discord, ANYone looks better than those who were leading. Is it so wrong that people are inspired by Obama? No one crowned Obama the next messiah; they are just hopeful, which is not a bad thing. And those who think he can solve EVERYthing in four years are just as delusional as those who refuse to accept the fact that he is, in fact, OUR new President, yours and mine. The country gave the previous administration a chance...TWICE. Let's at least give Obama on objective, fair shot at trying to lead this country. Instead of ranting and raving and feeling bitter, try to doing something. Unless, of course, you're one of those Americans whom you so callously described as "selfish, wasteful, and lazy." Use that energy you expend on thrashing the man who's been in office for less than 48 hours for something useful and productive.

Jaood (Unknown)

Obama cured my leprosy with a kind smile. *thumbs up*

T-Chris (Unknown)

See? Inspiration can work wonders!



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