Obama Cured My Leprosy With A Kind Smile | 01/21/09

Man, thanks Evil Mike for that comment. That made my day. Annie sent me the picture of me and Teri Hatcher at the inauguration. I think it's pretty evident that she's excited to be taking a picture with the world's preeminent composer of steel drum music. I just wish I could go out in public without getting mobbed sometimes.

Jack and I drove out to Sterling to watch LOST with Brian last night. We gorged ourselves on enormous steaks while watching last season's finale instead of the clip show. On the whole I was happy with the the season premier. I don't really understand why not all organic life is moved when the island shifts in time and why if the island could jump around to anywhere in time it keeps moving to only a few decades when it could be jumping millions of years. Maybe we'd learn the smoke monster was the love child of some dinosaurs and a volcano. Whatever. I like Ben's developing story line and I also loved Hurley's I Love Shih Tzu t-shirt. I know personally in DC I've been tempted to buy an XXXL t-shirt with my dog on it in a gas station. Tough economic times have been the only barrier to the purchase.

Should be an exciting season.


Rebecca (Unknown)

It's your lucky day:

Tree (Unknown)

Is that your grandmother in that pic?

KBS (Unknown)

Please tell me you're going to buy that t-shirt. Awesome, Rebecca!

BU (Unknown)

Haha, that T-shirt is great!

Jaood (Unknown)

No problem. When I first read the headline it took me a few minutes to think where I had heard that line before. I was positive I'd heard it recently.



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