Debut of SCSNY | 01/25/09

Flash-forward 20 years: Chris E. is in Stockholm receiving the Nobel Prize for Music Theory. Dressed to the nines, he delivers a gracious acceptance speech and concludes with this line, "It might have taken twenty years but it was intensely gratifying to finally classify what guttural utterance was released by Mike C. the moment Kathy S. dropped out while singing Teach Your Children on Guitar Night twenty years ago."

The debut of Sucky CSNY went really well and was a lot of fun. I picked up Annie and naturally we got extremely lost on the way out to Kathy's and only made it only with the aid of Brian and what I can only assume was Google Maps. When we finally arrived we delved right in and it was a total blast. We all played and sang well all things considered and I think everyone is looking forward to our next show; possibly at the Verizon Center.

On Sunday I went to a guitar recital in Tenleytown which was really good. Hot girl + classical can't really go wrong with that combination.


BU (Unknown)

Not Google Maps, just my encyclopedic knowledge of the suburbs. I used to live down there.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Pssh. Nobel Prize? Is that all? Way to short-change me, man.

Mike (Unknown)

Wow, I just finished that like 10 seconds ago.

Tree (Unknown)

So which member of the Sucky CSNY crew is going to need a liver transplant?

Jaood (Unknown)

Wow, wish I could just hang out when people gather to play music and sing songs and eat cookies under the rainbow. Makes me really wish I knew anything at all about anything musical other than cartoon based karaoke, the Beatles, and disco songs.



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