Dedicated to Poker-Chris | 10/19/06

Last night at karate I formally complained about the low quality of my partners. I flatly told them that I learn nothing for weeks at a time because unless I'm working with Christine the people are simply too bad for me to get any better. Oops. There was no verbal reply just a nod. I went back into the dojo and within a few minutes out came Kolin, a blue-striped belt (two ahead of where I am for those of you playing at home) and despite his slow eyes and terrible stutter, he whipped me. Total and complete humiliation. AND my biceps have a ton of bruises from all the times he whacked me in exactly the same spot. Even though it totally and completely sucked I did learn more in that class than I had in months so as of now I am not going to complain about physical injuries provided I am learning. Speaking of physical injuries...
Abby some how got out of her cage while Jamie was at work. Here are the clues and you can play detective:
Abby is loose from her cage. Her landlord said neither she nor her husband were in the house during the day. There were streaks of blood on the floor. The blood came from Abby's ear and around her eye yet she had no blood on her, nor was any fur out of place. The cage is damaged--the bars are bent INWARD. All of the blood and drool on the floor was between Abby's cage and the front door. She did not veer off for the food bowl nor the water bowl. Here's the big one--the cage was LOCKED when Jamie got home. Chompy can unlock her cage by biting the cage door and shaking but she's never successfully relocked it from the outside. I went into Abby's cage and tried to push it open and could not widen the door from the cage far enough for her to get out. I outweigh her by 120 lbs and could leverage my feet against the back wall of the cage. Abby could not. She did not sneak out of her cage. Abby was also in good spirits although extremely tired. Solve the mystery. Speaking of mysteries...
Why can't anyone beat me at poker? Why am I so good? Special thanks to Ricky and AJ for their money!


Mike (Unknown)

I miss you guys.



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