Rehearsal Techniques | 02/22/04

I spent my morning finishing up those scores. Hoorah. They were done but apparently I made a couple mistakes trying to decipher the Portuguese lyrics. Oh well, I hopefully will be able to fix them easily tomorrow. We had rehearsal at 2pm and it went ok. While I can't speak for the other members of the group, I think that very little gets accomplished every week. The problem is that its a very low priority for everyone and rightfully so. God knows I personally don't have the time either to put in as much self-practice as I should. The problem is the potential--we can sight-read something and it sounds pretty damn good. Concert-good if we were at the University of Florida but it just never gets good. What also contributes to the problem is that we really have nothing to practice for. Sure, we have a big gig in a month but that's really not enough motivation (for me at least). And even if people were clamoring for us to play, I don't think the six of us could all get the night off. If nothing else, though, they're great friends and I always have a fun time playing with talented musicians.

After rehearsal Matt and I hung out and wrote some more wedding music. We spent most of the time, though, talking about being old. I can't believe he's getting married! I'm glad I don't have to go through wedding planning. Gag. There's a guy on the Newlywed Game that looks EXACTLY like Dr. Shaftel. My god, they even have the same laugh. This guy's name is Mike, though. I noticed the cache Google has for my webpage is a month behind. Oh well. I had some hits from Finland and the UK today. I also saw a search for "Chompy is a stupid name". Oh yeah? Well ____ (insert your name here) is a really stupid name. And Chompy can kick your ass. Oh, today was the 2000th hit. 2000! Wow! That's like one hit a year starting in 0 A.D.




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