Snow Day | 01/26/09

I accidentally deleted today's crappy entry while making a new page where I could edit existing entries. You might think "Gee, haven't you written pages like that hundreds of times?" and the answer would be yes. Unfortunately, my blog's database was designed in such a retarded way that I mismatched the fields and overwrote what was here. It was something chock-full of incomplete sentences and missing words though.

I also made an appeal for someone to watch Chompy the night of February 14th. I also believe I said I'd make it worth your while, and I stand by that. It's like a free vacation stay in Glover Park in a furnished apartment...furnished with my dog.


Tree (Unknown)

See, this is exactly why us poor people have coffee at home that we make ourselves so we're not deprived of coffee in such events. Did we learn a lesson, today? You should at the very least keep instant coffee in your house.

Jaood (Unknown)

Snow sucks. End of story.

SC (Unknown)

All you wusses with your "snow." That is barely a light dusting. You can complain when you have 8 inches of snow and it is -30 outside with the windchill.

Mike (Unknown)

Allegedly, it only snows every other year in DC.

If memory serves, I allowed everyone else to complain about the heat when I lived in Florida. Oh boo hoo, it was 80 degrees.

School was canceled here despite there being less than an inch on the ground.

Tree (Unknown)

Total snow wusses indeed, Steve... total... snow wusses. I bet after every time it snows there, people go out and buy a snow shovel, and then throw it out! For those who didn't see today's original entry, it was about being "snowed in" and being without coffee, and that "there was too much snow to go to Starbucks because of that whole dusting of snow".

BU (Unknown)

It was something chock-full of incomplete sentences and missing words though.

See, you do have dissertation experience.



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