Frz. Drizzle | 01/27/09

In a stunning move, the Firefox plugin (provided by AccuWeather) was purchased by Snoop Dog.

Since it snowed pretty heavily here Chompy assumed that we were either going to, or already in, Chicago so I took her to the leash-park by my house for a few hours. She was the only dog there for most of it so she didn't have feel embarrassed about keeping her leash on.

I went down the "Y" yesterday in the frz. drizzle to see if I could join their winter basketball league but it had unfortunately started. The only option is to join and then play in the pick-up games. The group that was there all looked really good-much better than I am. I'm not really the biggest fan of "running" or "dribbling" when my personal talents lie under the basket collecting rebounds and fouling people while keeping an incredulous look of "I barely touched him" on my face. It's cheap to join so maybe I'll do it to help gear up for softball season.


Jaood (Unknown)

You could always join the Shidogakuin Washinkan kendo dojo and learn the ancient art of Japanese sword fighting with me! I mean really, doesn't evceryone want to dress up like a samurai and hit people with sticks? Never been a huge fan of basketball and all that running involved. I'm really just not built for the game.

Tree (Unknown)

Accuweather's Firefox plugin was doing crazying things lately, to the point that it wouldn't load when I started up Firefox, would make my harddrive spin for minutes on end, so I had to disable it.

Eh, sword fighting? Meh, I'll pass.

Tim (Unknown)

You know Rodman made millions with the same style of play. I suggest watching some film of him. He had many different faces; the incredulous look (which you practice). Though he had the look of "who me?" "Ref, you must be crazy?" And the "Whatever."
May you punish whom so ever dares enter the paint with such extreme predjudice, that they go to playing such docile "sports" as bridge or solitaire.



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