Drought Is Over | 02/01/09

The good news is that Chompy saw her shadow so updates can again continue. It's been a busy week so hold on. I finally changed my tail light and burn the hell out of right forearm on an exposed bulb. Like any responsible adult, I called Chris Green for medical attention. You haven't really lived until you've seen your skin smoke on a cold winter's day. I did get the light changed after taking my trunk apart so at least I'll have a manly scar instead of ones I normally get typing.

On Friday Sam got an all-access deal to see Thievery Corporation at the 930 Club. It was pretty awesome hanging out backstage and drinking from the special free bar set up. I haven't had the opportunity to Photoshop myself next to the hot Brazilian singer--oh wait, I actually have that as a real picture.

I tried to watch the Superbowl with more than Chompy but effectively drove to VA twice. The second time I drove back I was just angry about not finding a parking place. I had tried to squeeze the Taurus into a spot that was maybe .0001" larger than it was but after I lightly tapped the guy behind me I decided to decrown myself as the best parallel parker ever and went home to watch the exciting fourth quarter with my moonshine-swilling dog.


Jaood (Unknown)

Ahhh, what the heck, mike? This update is super late and a day behind!

This is not how we run things on the internets.

Mike (Unknown)

I always update a day late. My content wouldn't be nearly as riveting unless I was writing about the previous day.

SC (Unknown)

How is Chompy a moonshine swiller?

Tree (Unknown)

It's "Super Bowl", you know that. I can't stand it when young people type it as one word. C'mon, you know better.

I heard a lousy 9-7 team almost won the Super Bowl & the commercials were pretty lousy.



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