Hope Springs Eternal | 02/02/09

With football at all levels now officially over for the season, it's time to move back to baseball. I know I say this every year, but the span from February to April is my least-favorite time of year. It's too cold to really do anything outside and I don't really care about any of the sports that are going on. On the bright side, the Cubs are in ok shape going into next April. They'd be better with Jake Peavy and Brian Roberts but whatever. It's fun to fantasize that the Cubs somehow could acquire both and then be the best team in the National League by leaps and bounds.

The Cubs managed to get rid of every single player I hated over the past year so I guess I need to start looking for new people to hate.

Last night I caught up with Tim while he embarrassed me in a couple games of video football. I lost the first game trying to get cute and the second game I lost...well, in really every aspect of the game. It's tough to see that both your quarterbacks had passer ratings of 0.0 but fortunately they stopped one INT short of the record of 12. Ouch. Hopefully when NCAA 2010 comes up they'll have Ponder be able to run the option.

Speaking of FSU football, Preston Parker was kicked off the team today. I remember reading last year that he had two tattoos: one that said NFL and the other said JAIL because he knew he'd either be in one or the other. I guess that decision has been made.


SC (Unknown)

I put your name down for fantasy baseball on Sunday. I might actually keep my word this year.

Jaood (Unknown)

I'm VERY bored at work today.

6 more weeks of Chompy

Tree (Unknown)

You should hate that piece of shit Zambrano. Fistpumping motherfucker. Fat Lou could use some hate as well. I'm sure Bradley will bring it on himself soon enough.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Yup. I hate a guy who throws a no-hitter in September and gets a little excited. I also hate the manager who's brought the club to the playoffs two years in a row. You know what else I hate? Ignorant baseball "fans" who have nothing better to do with their days than insult other teams. Relax, have a drink, and worry about your own damn team. And you wonder why people don't like the Sox? It's not because of the team itself; it's because of hate-spewing, small-minded, jealous, redneck "fans" such as yourself that have nothing better to do than rag on other people.

Do us all a favor: GET. A. LIFE.

Tree (Unknown)

Fuck you, T-Chris, fuckhole. Fucking dickless Cubs fan. You hear me? FUCK YOU! F-U-C-K Y-O-U. Fucking self-righteous preachy Obama-loving motherfucker. Fuck off, cuntwad. Go fuck yourself and leave other people alone. Got that, shithead? Dickless piece of shit. Fuck you and your fucking idiot baseball team who sucks. Go ahead and support your parade of futility joke that is the Chicago Cubs. You and Zambrano both need your fucking heads bashed in with a baseball bat, in the absolute WORST way. Fuck you.

Tree (Unknown)

You know T-Chris, the more I think about it, the more of a preachy fucker you are. How fucking dare you question my fanship. I probably know more about baseball than your fucking pretentious preachy mind of yours. Mike was simply asking for suggestions and I gave it to them. And let me tell you, a lot more people hate the Cubs than they hate the Sox, for a reason: the Cubs are a masturbatory pathetic lovefest and proverbial loser; the worst loser in the history of sports. I watched Zambrano pump his fists like he just won the World Series after he struck out the fucking PITCHER with the bases loaded with two outs in the middle of a game, like it was some real accomplishment. Tho I guess fuckers like you and him think that's the tops. A redneck? Is that some kind of assumption that I met Mike in Florida and that I'm from the South? You fucking preachy arrogant assuming know-it-all fucker. Why don't you go fuck yourself? You know what I hate? People like you. Fucking arrogant asshole.

Hey T-Chris: FUCK. YOUR. SELF.

BU (Unknown)

Epic thread.

SC (Unknown)

I can't believe how far this has digressed. T-Chris made a simple statement that involved sitting back with a drink and everyone minding their own business. Seems like a simple statement to me. Why Tree has taken this to the level of "fuck" being dropped every other word is beyond me. That type of response just adds fuel to the flames and reaffirms people's perceptions.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Wow, thanks for that. Easy, killer...

My point was that you can't expect to rag on the Cubs and Cubs fans and not expect a response. Clearly, you are a passionate person, as are we Cubs fans. And you're more than welcome to talk about Sox and how great you think they. That's fine. Just don't bash the Cubs or their fans and then expect us to take it lying down. Relax, dude.



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