New Zealand Ho! | 02/08/09

I was going to write about my weekend but since Brian and I practically had the same one you can just read his. Mine contained some basketball, though, where his undoubtedly involved the cover-up of alien visitations and petting Booty.

Steve and I are going to go on vacation to New Zealand this summer for a week. We had made a list of places we wanted to go and then black-balled ones from the other person. Steve is a Ph.D student in history so I of course removed anything that might involve me having to learn about siege weapons or marauding Moops. The first choice was Tierra Del Fuego with a jaunt down to Antarctica to cross that continent off our list but going to Antarctica in the middle of winter was probably not the best choice. Living down the street from Embassy Row, I have the rare luxury of being able to walk down to have any questions answered like "What is the likelihood we will die there?". New Zealand, according to the CIA Factbook, is safe and they speak English. Further still, the US dollar has somehow managed to maintain a favorable exchange rate against the Kiwi. What more can you ask for?


Jaood (Unknown)

I think there's a misprint in your story.

Mike (Unknown)

I like to keep them interesting.

KBS (Unknown)

Ooh, a Mancation! First Marty and Chris, now you and Steve. Enjoy.

SC (Unknown)

Not that there is anything wrong with that...



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