Taxpayer Money | 02/09/09

Here's something I don't understand: Why is taxpayer money called "our" money? The government is always saying "Oh, we're spending your money so well, blah, blah blah." It's not our money--it's your money. We paid it to you so it's yours. When your employer gives you your paycheck, it's no longer HIS money, it's YOUR money. And you can spend your money any way you want. For some reason, though, when the government spends THEIR money they like to pretend that it's ours and they have our best interests at heart. Neither case is true so I wish they'd stop saying it and acting that way. I realize it's a little bit different than the employer-employee example in that the employee does not dictate how much money they make but still, once the money isn't in your possession it can hardly be considered "yours".

I'd also like a law to be put in place where you could only complain about the government proportionally to your tax burden. If Warren Buffet wants to complain, step aside! We all pay varying amounts for the same amount of government services (they don't keep Warren Buffet any safer than they keep me) so it doesn't really behoove us to work hard for some sort of reward. I feel like more of a libertarian with each passing day.


Jaood (Unknown)




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