Waa waa waa | 02/10/09

Let me first say, since I know many of you have babies, that today's entry was not brought on by anyone I know but rather by a series of websites that I was perusing to buy advertising space. The deeper I got through them, the more irritated I got and I'll tell you why.

Most moms I know are college-educated and have some expertise in some field. Great. If you, kid-or-no-kid, started a sentence with "as someone with a degree in economics, I feel..." great. If you want to make a comment as a layperson you would simply say, "Well, I'm no economist but...". With those out of the ways, let me get to the point. What really pisses me off are sentences that start, "I'm no economist but I am a mom and...". Oh, I'm sorry. Somehow having a baby has given you an honorary doctorate in everything? I had no idea. Maybe I should just shoot out some sort of freak butt-baby and then I too will have a fraction of the intelligence as you do.

I sure as hell don't start sentences with "Well, I own a dog so my strategy in Afghanistan would be...". So if you're a mom, great. But stop pretending like it gives you these tremendous world insights into things that have nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with experience that you don't have.


SC (Unknown)

"Well, I'm not a blog critic, but I do have a mom, and let me tell you..."

Badfish (Unknown)

Well your version of desktop defender gets every1 in my office visiting the site and wher slowly spreading the word around london... v.slowly mind you



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