Lost makes you WTF | 02/11/09

Spoilers from last night so stop reading if you haven't seen it!

Ok, so WTF? What's up Jack's Dad? Good thing John Locke fell when he did or else he would have been smothered by the earth. Maybe not, since the shift in time whenever they would do something that would affect the future. Whatever dude. I hope Charlotte stays dead. I can't stand her. I wouldn't mind Miles dying either.

File it in the prediction column--we learn that Faraday is Widmore's son. I'm also a little unclear why certain people travel in time and others don't. Had the tanker been within range of the traveling, would it have gone? And all those dudes?

In other news, it's been really nice here. Nice and windy. I've been playing more basketball but I managed to hurt my knee yesterday so even though I'm trying not to complain too much about it, srsly it is really hurting. And right before roughing it in the woods too.


Jaood (Unknown)

I keep getting the feeling I'm going to come into work one day and someone will approach me with a puzzled face and will ask, "Michael, did you know that dolphins aren't fish? I never knew that, so that means all this time I never knew they were actually animals."

I hear that and just turn around back to my car and leave forever.

Jaood (Unknown)


I have something to put in URL field now!

Anna (Unknown)

Hi! Are you alive? I hope so. If not, my condolences to your family.



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