12 of 12 | 02/12/09

9:10am: Nothing like getting up early to start your day off right.

9:20am: I made Chompy wait for me to shower because I am cruel, cruel man. It was a surprisingly nice day outside.

9:45am: Two vanilla bean cupcakes and a gratis iced venti vanilla latte. Or, as it should be called, the breakfast of champions.

9:50am: They're even more delicious when you eat them in the car.

2:00pm: With the first half of my workday over, it's time for an episode of Fraiser and a nap.

3:30pm: Trying to admire the new hideous mobiles they installed on the AU campus while trying to avoid VA drivers who don't know how to cope with traffic circles.

3:45pm: Lunch. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm.

4:45pm: Going through the music for Guitar Night and making all the chords bigger so our old eyes stand a fighting chance.

5:15pm: Eating a delicious snack of Filipino mangos while Chompy enviously watches.

5:30pm: Feeding Chompy while getting ready to take the 1500-mile trek out to Sterling for Steak Night.

6:30pm: Watching the master grill steaks on a blustery night.

8:00pm: Booty doing her best trick: eat.

Bonus: Take 2 of trying to look hot in my backdoor's glass.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude...Filipino, not Phlippino. And I'll get you some real Philippine (note the difference) dried mango. Mercy.

annie (Unknown)

dude, two vanilla bean cupcakes for breakfast and a nap at 2 pm? can i have your life? thanks for making the chords bigger, although now i can't blame my bad playing on not being able to see the chords.

SC (Unknown)

I'm surprised Chompy didn't accidentally eat your camera during that food shot. Once she gets going, I image it is tough to get her to stop.

Tree (Unknown)

"Two vanilla bean cupcakes and a gratis iced venti vanilla latte" ? Aren't you watching your figure, Sweetheart?



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