Cabin...Retreat | 02/18/09

Over the weekend I took a jaunt to remote Georgia for Camp Yeehaw 2.0. I didn't go last year because I was in the process of moving to DC and I wasn't going to pass up a chance to hang out with Marty, Chris, and company...except they weren't there this year. What was there were two big things: ladybugs (everywhere, and I mean full-blown infestation everywhere) and drama.

Since I only knew a couple of the people going in (Amy, Jen, and Walter [and apparently Cory though I don't remember]) we bonded over a series of games; the most notable being one called (I think) Ben Cramer. It basically works like this, everyone writes three phrases onto a piece of paper, divides into teams, then takes turns drawing the paper. In the first round it's like Taboo except you can say anything not written on the card. In the second round, it's charades and in the last round you can read one word off the card. Since with the exception of the first round you've already heard all the cards once you'd think it would be easier to remember them but it's really not because the cards only contain random/weird/obscene/lengthy (and in most case all of those) phrases.

I won't rehash the drama on here since anyone who is anyone already knows but suffice it to say I've never had a weirder four-day stretch in my life. As Dickens should have said, "It was the best of times, it was the weirdest of times."


Ricky (Unknown)

All I'm gunna say is "She sounds like a hot mess."



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