Good Mental Health | 02/19/09

I am sad to report that I have now completed watching Frasier in its entirety. I never really watched it except in syndication when it came on TV but once I found I watched pretty regularly from 2005 - 2007. It came on at midnight and Golden Girls came on afterwards so I wound up watching enough of that to know Rose was from St. Olaf to help us win the Battle of the Sexes earlier in the week. Anyway, I'm sad to see it go because the only other TV show I have in the house is X-Files and I'm not sure that makes for the best night-time watching. Maybe Brian will let me borrow 6 Feet Under so I can watch them all in a row instead of in the disjointed order they had them when I was in Tallahassee.

Last night I went out with Annie, Marc, and Sam to some fancy club that we would have probably considered with the HGA before it was dissolved in December. Speaking of the HGA, it's not like I was particularly close to any of them but it made me feel like a real Washingtonian--an experience that was glad to have. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be with it as a lifestyle but it was nice to dress up and get into cool places.

On an unrelated note, I'm tired of people saying they're from DC when they're really from like Alexandria. I'm not sure why I'm so protective of a city that hasn't even been my home for a year but apparently I'm not alone--there's a FB group dedicated to it.

Confidential to Anna: Yes, I am alive (and hanging out on Saturday?)


Tree (Unknown)

So are you happy that you never saw Maris? The things they made up for her would had been impossible to find an actress to fill it. Notice they spread out a lot of homosexual innuendo towards actors Pierce, Butler & Hibbert in the series. I think it's funny that 20 years from now, new people watching the show are going to be like "What the hell is the Supersonics?!! What's the Kingdome??" Those last few seasons felt more like "The Niles & Daphne Show" than "Frasier".

Jaood (Unknown)

I need a drink. Work sucks!

SC (Unknown)

What happened to the HGA?



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