About That Time | 02/22/09

I had a surprisingly full weekend. On Sunday, Annie and I went to hear Anne perform with the Master Chorale of Washington down the street from me. Let me say first that the singing was excellent. That said, maybe doing two (or even one) Copland pieces for voice...eh. Not what I would have picked. An intermission would have been nice too so we could have stayed focused on the awesome singing and not being cramped in a pew but whatever. Congratulations Anne!

On Saturday I met up with Brian somewhere near Centreville and he drove me through the dicey parts of Manassas to Anna and Ben's house. I hadn't seen Anna/Ben/Ella is ages but they were all were in good spirits and we played games and ate pizza until around 11pm when it was bedtime for babies/kitties/me. We also played Munchkin (which I played for the first time at the Cabin of Terror) but this was a much more manageable game with the focus more on the strategy than blatant cheating.

On Friday, I had a surprise party at my house in that I wasn't really expecting a party at all. I did learn that I'm good at Boggle despite not having played it in easily a decade. My wins were so devastating I decided to only make four-letters words and I still won.

The big news of the weekend was my inability to read a calendar. This, sadly, is not a new skill-drop but one I've had for a while. I've missed some pretty important stuff in the past year because I put a wrong date in my phone. User-error all the way. I should get an administrative assistant.


SC (Unknown)

You should get a wall calendar too. It helps more than the electronic version.

T-Chris (Unknown)

But cheating at Munchkin is waaaay more fun that playing it straight up!

Mike (Unknown)

It's not that I don't like cheating--I really do (and did it plenty).

I just think there's a difference between fun-cheating and cheating-as-your-strategy.

Jaood (Unknown)

I spent my Saturday doing nothing.



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