Places I've Lived | 02/23/09

Thanks to the power of Google Street View I can now revisit every place I've ever lived. With my departure from Washington imminent, I thought it would be nice to do a little review before I had to make the image bigger with a new house in a few months. For the record, I plan on staying in DC through the summer and then figuring out which city to next grace with my presence.

First off, here's my house in Washington, where I've since March 2nd of 2008. Situated in Glover Park on the outskirts of Georgetown, it's easily the nicest neighborhood I've ever lived in. The apartment itself is really small and doesn't have things I would have originally considered deal-breakers: W/D, Dishwasher, etc. That's what you get for impulse house-shopping. If I had the whole top floor, instead of just half, and it was updated, I couldn't really think of a better place to live.

You can't really see my old house on Lake Ella in Tallahassee, but it was awesome. A small fenced yard for the pup, two stories of lake-view and plenty of room. I had a full-sized office which I wasted since I wasn't working from home then. Jamie had picked this place out for me because I was completely destitute when I moved there and was too busy looking for janitorial jobs to go house-hunting. $550/month for a two-story townhouse. Man, those were the days.

Ah, the Florida Towers. Most of my favorite adult memories took place in that hellhole of an apartment. At least it had a dishwasher. It was close enough to campus that it was a good hang-out spot and you couldn't go wrong with the decor--dozens of friend-painted artworks coupled with a living-room sized pool table. From cooking $1 discount steaks to it being Chompy's first home, it was the worst place I ever lived but yet I have nothing but fond memories of it. It also housed the AIDS couch.

My senior year of college I lived with two guys: Paul and David. Down the street from me lived a bunch of other closer friends. We lived in the upstairs unit and a gaggle of snotty girls lived downstairs. Paul, David, and I got along for the most part and fortunately when we didn't we were all weird enough to do things that would make for awesome stories that I still tell today.

My junior year of college I lived with a guy named Josh, who was the RA in the dorm above me. He and I were both enormous slobs and one day our fruit fly problem got so out of control that we took to lighting lysol and shooting fire around. Probably not the best decision in retrospect but it took care of the problem. We lived in this bright pink house and I remember having to walk to school on these blisteringly cold days. I also remember finding 3/4 of a chocolate cake underneath the couch one day.

I lived in the dorms my first two years of college and like anyone else who ever lived in their school's dorms I have my share of weird stories. My second year I actively choose a suitemate, Ben, and he's one of the few people I keep in touch with ten years later.

We never moved growing up, so I lived in the same house my entire life. It was in suburbs of Chicago and my parents still live there. My old room is now an office but other than it's still pretty much the same.



Tree (Unknown)

I've been to at least 3 of the first 4 places you lived. I remember us playing tennis at Milwaukee in the middle of a forest. The nicest tennis court I've ever played on. Shit, that was Fall of '97. Tho I have to say this Google Street View creeps me the hell out.

KBS (Unknown)

Awesome update.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Hopefully, you'll add a pic of a nice duplex in Lowell, MA next year. Oh, screw it. Forget "hopefully": You will.



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