Hope Springs Eternal IV | 02/24/09

The Cubs start Spring Training games today in Arizona. It's not my favorite day of the year but it's certainly up there.

I've been getting a lot of mileage out of the "Time Machine"--a year ago today T-Chris was celebrating the completion of his dissertation and we were at Gil's throwing back a few in his honor. I was only a few days away from moving out of Tallahassee and complaining about the weight of a particular box. A box that now sits behind me that I have not opened since I moved here.

Four years ago I bought my mandolin and learned all of four songs on it before retiring it. You need carny-small hands to play that thing (sorry John Paul Jones, I tried) and sadly my enormous, masculine hands can't quite be precise enough to reliably hit all the notes necessary.

Chompy also caught and killed a squirrel (yesterday). I don't know how squirrels have survived evolution with a defense mechanism that is only "don't move". I didn't actually see the fatal bite but there wasn't a whole lot of commotion after the running so I'm guessing it died pretty quickly. Chompy has had her rabies shot and is acting normal and now the squirrel is gone. I wonder if one of the big birds picked it up and carried it away.

This random entry was brought to you by a lack of sleep.


Tim (Unknown)

Well Marissa Miller might just have made me a Cubs fan.

Mike (Unknown)

I didn't even know that was someone famous. Cubs fans in general are notoriously hot.

Jaood (Unknown)

Normally when one thinks of squirrel one does not also think "non-moving". Maybe it's just me, but squirrels normally hall ass at the sight of anything moving. That squirrel was either mentally incapable or Chompy is secretly the Flash (the dog).

SC (Unknown)

She's got to be the canine Flash. I also remember that heavy box and carrying it down the stairs in Florida and up the stairs in D.C. Glad it was so important.

Mike (Unknown)

Flashy (the dog)!

I realize I'm probably the only person to notice this but I don't think she's got a very good grip on the ball. It would probably go behind her if she were to actually throw it.

Tree (Unknown)

What an ugly, ugly chick.

SC (Unknown)

She's going to throw a splitter. Maybe she's been taking lessons from Rothchild, but he didn't teach her to hold the ball right because he was too busy drooling on her.



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