Then I Found $100 | 02/25/09

Yesterday my landlord left me a $100 SBUX gift card. I received the gift card, along with a DC SBUX mug, because I took a virus off her computer. This process took approximately one minute. Based on this number, I have now recalculated my time to be worth $6000/hr, or substantially more than I had previously valued it.

Last night I spent $18,000 worth of time driving out to Sterling, eating delicious steaks, and watching what might have been the single worst episode of Lost I've ever seen. Wow, a whole episode dedicated to learning that Ben and Widmore are at odds with each other. Wowee.

On the bright side, it was a wholly good day--starting with two pink Flintstones vitamins. I can usually predict my day based on the colors: two purple being the worst, two orange being average, two pink being the best, with appropriate levels for the various combinations.

I also swapped Brian the Wii Fit for the complete set of Six Feet Under. Boy, did I win out on that one. That's what happens on a double-pink day.


BU (Unknown)

The DC SUX mug is a good investment.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Hmmm....I don't think I have anything to comment on.

Tree (Unknown)

Don't spend it all on candy. And I know how tempting that really is. "Steaks" as in plural?? Did some place have an All You Can Eat Steak promotion with bonus free steak?? I'd spend that money on tacos.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Mmm, steak night. If some is good, more is better!



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