My Evil Twin | 02/26/09

So I'm at SBUX yesterday and the new barrista (not to be confused with the one that loved me) says to me, "Wow, it's like you have a twin." I quickly scan around the coffee shop to see who looks like me and discover that there is absolutely no one even remotely close. I grab my gratis iced venti vanilla latte and hit the road with no further comment.

I go back this morning and the same girl is tending the bar. She says, "You just missed your twin". "Oh really?" I reply. She nods yes and I ask her if she told him that he too has a twin in me. She replies, "No, if I told him you were his twin he wouldn't like that very much."

WTF is that supposed to mean? I even asked if we were twins because we ordered the same thing and she said no. WTF!


SC (Unknown)

That bastard better not get my seat to NZ. I'll be pissed.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm surprised how good of a jog I did on that.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Evil Mike refuses to have a hyphen in his name.

KBS (Unknown)


Jamie (Unknown)

Which barista is it? The slow but nice one with the mole on her face? Or the slow but mean one with freckles? Or is she foreign?

Tree (Unknown)

It's not right to point. Monkeys point. My god... two Mikes in the world! I don't think we're prepared for that.

Mike (Unknown)

Uh, she's newish and is kind of..stubby. She might be the mole one too.



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