DCaversary | 03/01/09

Happy one-year DCaversary to me and Chompy. One year ago today I packed up about 1/5 of my worldly possessions, threw 4/5 in a huge dumpster, and moved from the 60 degree winters of Tallahassee to the 60" of snow winters of our nation's capital. It seems like just yesterday Steve and I were standing outside at 1am fighting about what to bring in the house. Thank God it wasn't snowing like this.

Here's what I've learned about Washington in the past year:

1) You don't get to vote. Well, you get to vote but it doesn't count for anything.

2) People from DC get surprisingly upset if you say you're from DC but actually live in VA or MD. I caught myself doing it a couple months ago.

3) I think most DC residents would be happier if they could pin their resume to their shirt and walk around with it there all day.

4) It's not as unsafe as it's made out to be. I've never really seen a problem aside from regular-city problems. There are a LOT of homeless people but I've never run across any sort of incident.

5) Everyone here is transplanted from somewhere else so there's no real sense of community.

6) Everything is expensive. For real. Real real.

I just started typing while I was waiting for a video of Chompy to upload but it's still not done. Hmmm.

FriendFest2009A is 12 days away and that's exciting. It's interesting that we've had two months of back-to-back Friday the 13ths. There's too much snow on the ground for me to get any coffee so I've spent the past couple of hours in this horrible fog.

Ok, that video is never going to finish.


Tree (Unknown)

Geez, get a coffee brewer & some coffee grinds! You can't keep relying on the weather to be perfect. D.C. still sounds like an awful place.

Mike (Unknown)

DC is 10,000,000,000 better than Naperville.

BU (Unknown)

Chompy's cute in the snow. I should try that with Booty.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Naperville is 10,000,000,000 better than DC.

*rubs mysteriously grown goatee*

Amy Acevedo (Unknown)

Aww, if only we could find simple contentment in life's little pleasures like chompy.

annie (Unknown)

chompy is soooooooooo cute! you should do a chompy livestream.

SC (Unknown)

For all the pictures of Chompy I have seen over the years, the one in this post has to be top three. The video is nice too. And D.C. is soooo much better than Naperville, but much less good than Chicago (grammar be damned).

KBS (Unknown)

Chompy! I think the Chompy video portion should be a weekly feature. CHOMPY! I saw a little bit of her dog park playfulness come out in the snow.

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah Naperville gets a lot of shit from people, but it also:

Doesn't have poor / homeless people around to annoy people & is a very middle class town.
The people at the DMV are not dicks & I've never had a problem with them. The roads gets plowed and salted immediately when it snows. It also has a very low crime & murder rate and we don't have gang problems, and has plenty of restaurants & stores. Naperville is a great place to grow up & live in & it has free parking, but not one to be entertained or cultured. That said, Naperville has evolved and changed so much each decade it's difficult to compare the eras. And as I recall, Mike has always hated Naperville, so there's a bias there. I can think of plenty of towns worse to live in.



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