New FB Pictures | 03/02/09

Today I added a new set of pictures to Facebook: the undergrad years. Scary to think that four years can be magically compressed into 17 photos. While doing it, I realized I got friend-dumped for the first time by someone who I actually considered a friend. Maybe it was an accident since as far as I can remember I haven't done anything wrong him.

I need to do grad school next but since I had a digital camera for at least the last year of it there are a lot more pictures to root through. Maybe over next Christmas I'll scan a bunch of my parents' pictures of childhood so I have a copy. I have a feeling that scanning pictures is not really a high priority for them.

I've decimated the first two seasons of Six Feet Under and I'm halfway through the third. I forgot how great that show was. When I first watched it in 2001 (it was on after The Sopranos) I didn't really care for it. Ah, the times they are a'changing.


Tree (Unknown)

Ahhh, "Side Show Bob Mike", back in the day. You never did get around to murdering those meddling Simpson children. I see that pic has some color problems.



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