Tax$imple | 03/03/09

Let's say you're ready to quit your job. Your boss, knowing he would be lost without you, says, "Name your price". You, knowing he would be lost without you, say "$120,000". Now you're making $120,000 a year.

Being a good boss, he pays you what you asked for and, being a good employee and consumer, you spend it. You put a down payment on your house, you buy a car, you buy a TV. Then, a few months later, you go to work.

Your boss says to you, "Are you sure you're spending my money the right way?" "Your money?", you reply. He goes on to tell you that it is in fact his money because he paid it to you and although you spent it, you were still spending his money. You come back with that once you were in possession of it, that it became your money and that he has absolutely no right in the least to say anything about how you spend your money.

So why do we complain about how our tax dollars are spent? It's not our money anymore. I wish everyone calling in to NPR would just up and worry about their own problems because SURPRISE! if everyone just worried about their own crap we wouldn't have these problems in the first place.


SC (Unknown)

Cheers. Although, by writing at least two entries on this, doesn't this show that you are more focused on things outside of your own crap?

Mike (Unknown)

I did? I guess I forgot about that other one.



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