LOST | 03/04/09

Well that was another crappy episode of a once-good show. The characters have all gotten so predicable and boring that I think I might be ready to call it quits. An episode about Sawyer being in love with Juliette? Really? That was the best you could come up with for an episode this late in the game?

I really need to find a new TV show to watch. I've only got one season of Six Feet Under to watch left. On the bright side, the Cubs start playing in about a month--opening their season April 6th against Houston at the Astrodome. They lost last night to the White Sox in what I will only describe as a comedy of errors for both teams.

Becky got us some ballet tickets tonight so we're going to see a bunch of short pieces before hitting up some bars. The last time I went to the ballet was for Valentine's Day like three years ago with Jamie and I feel asleep right away. We left at intermission to go watch Lost--back when it wasn't totally retarded. Hopefully I'll fare better this time.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

You don't like ballets? Man, you're missing out. Last time I went a friend of mine won $100 gift card for taking 2nd place in "Personal Choice" category. Needless to say, his parents were not happy when the police informed them about it, haha.

Tree (Unknown)

Astrodome?? Is it 1965 already? Ballet and then the bar? Try not to spill your Appletini. You should probably hit the bar first before the ballet.

Jamie (Unknown)

I don't think what we saw qualifies as ballet - at all. So I'm positive you will fare better this time.

And I enjoyed Lost this week.

KBS (Unknown)

Okay, first of all, the episode was about Sawyer being in love with Kate, not Juliette. That whole "is 3 years long enough to move on" thing, coupled with the look on his face when he finally saw her said it all.

Second of all, new TV shows for you to watch: I recommend Big Love or Weeds. Both fantastic. Only problem is, they're still airing, so you'll get all caught up on back seasons like we did and then have to wait.

SC (Unknown)

I liked Boston Legal, but I know you hate Shatner. I liked Prison Break, although I only got into it seasons 2-4 and then it was the same damn thing. The Mentalist is pretty good from what I saw, but that's about all I've got.



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