Ballet Night | 03/05/09

Around 5:30 last night I left to pick up Becky so we could use her free tickets to see the New York City ballet.

We stopped at Quigley's/Tonic for a charity-type dinner where everything we ate yielded a 25% donation to some group that brings food to people with debilitating diseases. In true Quigley's/Tonic style, the service was horribly slow and the food not nearly as good as you hope. They also replaced the avocado BLT with a salmon BLT and it's not nearly as good. It's like a salmon sandwich and who wants that when they're expecting a BLT?

The ballet opened to a Shostakovich piano concert that was pretty awesome. During the intermission we went out on the balcony and got to see a pretty awesome view of the city--the view that I wrongfully assumed I would see every day before I moved here. The second act was a Vivaldi set (gag) paired with a more modern style of dance that made up for 30 minutes of I-V-I-V-I. If there's anything in this world more boring than Baroque music I'd like to know what it is (Steve, that is not an invitation).

We left early and went across the street to the Watergate where Becky knew Matt the Bartender and we swapped stories for an hour. I wish I knew more famous people so I could use them in stories but alas. Hooray for Becky and her many connections.


KBS (Unknown)

Salmon BLT! Did you at least get delicious tater tots?

Mike (Unknown)

Yes but they weren't that delicious.

SC (Unknown)

You see, when you think about the use of the missi domini by Charlemagne, you really see where the inherent flaws in feudalism existed. However, since that term in and of itself has become antiquated, before we can consider the missi domini anymore, we need to look at the historiography surrounding 'feudalism' since the Linguistic Turn...

Mike (Unknown)

Wow, that comment was so boring the code itself fell asleep before it could finish posting it.

SC (Unknown)

I fell asleep twice just trying to write it.

World B. Free (Unknown)

World B. Free Jr., is that you?



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