Weekend Update | 03/08/09

On Friday I watched Abby while Jamie was in Philly. The night consisted of chatting online with Chris and Jen and rifling through a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under. I sorted through my IMPORTANT BOX and tried to reorganize my filing system. It was so boring I went to bed around midnight but unfortunately I watched the most traumatic SFU episode and then couldn't sleep. I had the same reaction the first (and second) time I saw it so even though I was prepared for it, I still laid awake. Best show ever.

On Saturday I drove around Arlington, played some basketball in Spring Valley, then gave up Abby to Jamie before driving out to Sterling to hang out with Briecca, Sam & Co. I learned that Sam is a pilot and that his friend is a better drummer than me. Hah!

Since it was so nice on Sunday I walked the Capital Crescent Trail while I waited for my elbowed ribs to heal from basketball. I walked to the Chain Bridge then followed it in through to the end in Georgetown before backtracking my way to Glover Park. It took a good four hours before I got home but it was nice to maximize my alone time since I'll have a full house for just about the rest of the month.


SC (Unknown)

Since you're playing basketball, I'll have to start shooting hoops, too. That way we can have the basketball competition like the football one we had. We can redo that one too without 4 inches of snow and ice on the ground.

Mike (Unknown)

I think you'll win the basketball one handily since I'm not that great at ball-handling. I'll get those rebounds though and inflict some damage in the process. You really want another scar from me that badly?

SC (Unknown)

Well, as long as you gash my head open on the other side, I'll at least match. Plus, I have some pointy ass elbows. If you think your ribs are bruised now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Jamie (Unknown)

I know exactly what episode you're talking about - it makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Mike (Unknown)

Yes indeed. You're like "stand up for yourself!" but alas.

That's what makes his character so great.

KBS (Unknown)

Oooh, I know what episode you're talking about too - Jamie warned me about it! It was so creepy. We had to watch another episode (or two) immediately afterward.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, it's rough on all accounts.

"That's my dog!"



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