Six Feet Under | 03/09/09

Last night I finished Six Feet Under, the greatest show to ever to be on television. Even though it didn't earn straight A's when Brian reviewed it, and it had a couple of B episodes, I can't fathom a better-written/better-acted show. Every character is completely unbelievable from the very outset yet as their stories continue they never veer off the path of their character--each one does exactly what they would do regardless of consequence just like a real person. I think it has the most gratifying and appropriate series finale that you could ask. Even great shows like Seinfeld totally blew it in their last episodes. It was also created by Alan Ball, an FSU alum so that makes it even better.

I'm making good progress on the in-depth cleaning of my house. Rest assured, gentle readers, that even at its worst my house is nowhere near as disgusting as it was Tallahassee. I should have bought a Dyson years ago.

Good luck to Kathy, who is about to defend her dissertation!


BU (Unknown)

I remember watching the first couple episodes and then IMing you. "Don't spoil anything else but does Brenda die? I hope so."

SC (Unknown)

Good luck Kathy!

KBS (Unknown)

One week to the defense!

Amy Acevedo (Unknown)

You should check out Alan Ball's other HBO show, True Blood, it's amazing.



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