The Feast...It is ruined | 03/10/09

Jamie and I finally got our meal at Old Europe for lunch and it was excellent. We had the psycho waitress who once yelled at me for having my feet in the aisle but she seemed to be back on her medication this time and we escaped without incident.

After lunch I finished collecting my clothes to be given away in three lawn-sized trash brags. I distinctly recall not having any wear-around t-shirts a few years ago and apparently I solved that problem several times over in the past few years. I also recall at one point in grad school owning three pairs of jeans; also no longer the case. Chris Green would be proud.

I also finished reading Maya Angelou's new book and started another. It's amazing how much reading you can get done when you're not watching old television shows compulsively.

Brian hosted Steak Night and grilled us up some tasty steaks. I had stopped at Safeway to buy a case of beer but there was only one woman working so I stood in line there for an amount of time roughly equal to my drive. I kept telling myself I should just leave and go to a gas station but I'd already stood there for so long that I should just wait it out. When I finally arrived, Anna, Ella, and Anna's sister Becca were already there and we sat around and watched Arrested Development while feasting. Eventually Rebecca joined us and we watched Ella's antics for a few hours before going home.


T-Chris (Unknown)

I vote we have at least one steak night during FF09a.

Mike (Unknown)

Well, if we HAVE to...

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Steak always sounds delicious.

SC (Unknown)

One day in grad school I hope to own three pairs of jeans.

Mike (Unknown)

Too bad you're not a 32x32 or I'd be able to really increase your stockpile.



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